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Our gallery features examples of our award winning 2D and 3D animation, special effects, and video productions. AMP’s computer animators have years of experience bringing client’s imaginations to the screen. Their expertise in current animation techniques paired with the latest hardware and software available makes for a final product that is both professional and amazing.

Our video animations have won us multiple ADDY awards and our clients have ranged from large national companies to local small businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to work with your budget to create truly amazing video content that is optimized for web or broadcast television.

Below you can view a variety of examples of our work, which include: character animation, mechanical animation, technical animation, logo animation, and more. Clicking on the picture will launch a video that you can stream in standard or high definition. If you would like to hear what some of our clients have to say about us, click on the ‘Clients’ tab under 'About Us'!

For a more extensive compilation of our work, you can head over to our Vimeo or YouTube page where we upload videos as we finish them. Feel free to comment on the videos or use them for inspiration in your own campaign. For more examples of our work, check out our professionally produced, high definition (HD) animated video templates at

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We are here to help you and your business step it up to the next level by creating exciting animation and video!