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High quality animation is no longer strictly for big budget, national commercials and websites. AMP creates award winning visuals and effects at a surprisingly low price right here in Arizona.

In addition to 2D and 3D animation, we offer logo design, product modeling, character animation, motion graphics, mechanical animation, web content and visual effects that are comparable to that produced in LA or New York but at a fraction of the cost. No matter what size project, we pride ourselves on staying on time and on budget!

 Video Production

AMP doesn’t just produce TV commercials or product demonstrations; we create targeted messages in full 1080 HD that will appeal to your customers and we’ll work within any size budget to produce your perfect commercial, or multi-media content. We’ll take care of all the details, from creative copywriting and storyboarding, to casting, shooting and special effects to editing. Abbott Media is a one-stop shop for all your video needs.

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Product Animation. The ability to visualize complicated machinery or procedures through 3D computer animation has proved invaluable to many marketing directors and sales executives. Mechanical and technical animation is a mainstay here at AMP. Our team literally animates inanimate objects allowing potential customers to examine and even interact with products, machinery or procedures on a laptop or smart phone in the field. The old days of carrying heavy products, handing out boring pamphlets or clunky power point presentations are long gone.

Character Animation. We specialize in bringing your imagination to life digitally. If you can dream it, we can build it! Our talented and creative artists can design and build any character as a 3D model or 2D illustration. We use the latest software and techniques to model, rig, animate, light, and render your character quickly and affordably.

Logo Animation. In addition to high quality TV commercials, we also design, animate and produce custom logos. We specialize in making good logos look even better with animation and depth. Your logo is a direct reflection of your company, make it stand out and get noticed on your next commercial or website! Our prices for logos are as affordable as our spots.

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 Motion Graphics

Like any form of animation, there are many types, aspects and styles of motion graphics. Each can add a great deal of visual style and energy to an advertisement, website or promotion. With our studio green screen we can videotape actors, then create and composite animation and digital environments completely in-house. We can also capture video off-site and then composite animated effects and advertising copy into the completed video. Whether it's strictly kinetic text or animated elements composited over video, we'll add a distinctive style to any production!

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 Web Content

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Interesting visuals that capture a viewers attention and increase SEO is critical to any successful website. Our animators and designers can produce amazing 3D animation and motion graphics that jump off your computer screen. And our programmers specialize in developing interactive, visually striking applications designed to engage your customers, assist your sales force, and even spice up your next corporate training initiative. We’ll give you the creative edge that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

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